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Touch LED Desk Reading Light
This luxury LED desk lamp, Rayee, is Adot patent touch LED reading light. It is the new dimming LED desk lamp, the brightness and color temperature are changeable with touching the control pad. It’s good for reading and study.
Touch Sensor LED Desk Reading Light
Rayee is the modern reading light. This table reading lamp is the perfect fusion of aesthetics and machinery. Smooth surface, elegant arc and smart touch sensor and this lamp are all that we really want but can not convey.
Adjustable LED Touch Control Desk Light
Adjustable LED Touch Control Desk Light uses a single-channel touch chip (TCH01C) to make touch-sensitive buttons to replace traditional mechanical buttons. This touch table lamp is beautiful, stylish, safe and durable. And it has less material, which is
Portable Eye Protection Desk Lamp
This table lamp combines aesthetics and practicality. The lamp body is made of imported aluminum alloy AL5052 and adopts integrated design. This table lamp is both aesthetic and practical. Portable Eye Protection Desk Lamp does not affect the light throug
Lavish Home LED Modern Aluminum Desk Lamp
This Lavish Home LED Modern Aluminum Desk Lamp is a modern aluminum fluorescent lamp. It adjusts the brightness of the light source and the color of the light. This aluminum sun table lamp is a modern fusion of aesthetics and mechanics. It has a smooth su
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